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Flexible Packaging – Less Waste in the First Place

As a whole, the technology and innovations of the flexible packaging industry have led to package minimization, waste reduction, and reduced energy consumption.

When compared to other packaging formats, flexible packaging generally:

  • weighs less – resulting in less waste.
  • has a better product-to-package ratio.
  • consumes less energy in manufacturing and transport
  • generates less greenhouse gas emissions.
  • contributes less to landfill waste (even when including recycling rates of other packaging formats).

The flexible packaging industry continues to devote resources to developing products that are sustainable and safe for the environment.

Our organization has a dedicated team of professionals committed to looking for new ways to reduce our impact on the environment. Through our efforts, the employees of our companies and the communities in which we operate benefit through reductions in energy use, preservation of air quality, landfill waste reduction, and a better living and working environment.